Nine General Search Engines List

  • Alexa Internet

    – Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of that is best known for operating a website that provides information on the web traffic to other websites. Alexa collects information from users who have installed an “Alexa Toolbar,” allowing them to provide statistics on web site traffic, as well as lists of related links.
  • (formerly Ask Jeeves)

    – Better web search and
    Offers search for web sites, images, news, blogs, video, maps and directions, local search and shopping.
  • Exalead

    – Exalead provides thumbnail previews of the target pages along with the results, and allows advanced refining on the results page (language, geographic location, file type, categories) but also further data refinement, such as rich content (audio, video, RSS) and related terms, allowing users to browse the web by serendipity.
  • Gigablast

    – Gigablast is designed to be capable of indexing a high number of webpage’s per server. Gigablast has an index of approximately 10 billion web pages and serves millions of queries per day
  • Google

    Google is owned by Google, Inc. whose mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. The largest search engine on the web, Google receives several hundred million queries each day through its various services.
  • Live Search (formerly MSN Search)

    Live Search (formerly Windows Live Search) is the name of Microsoft‘s web search engine, successor to MSN Search, designed to compete with the industry leaders Google and Yahoo!. Live Search is accessible through Microsoft’s and MSN web portal.
  • MozDex

    mozDex is a search engine that is built on FOSS technologies like Nutch. mozDex is focused only on providing an open search engine.
  • Picsearch

    Picsearch is a Swedish company which develops and provides image search, video search and audio search services for large websites.
  • Yahoo! Search

    Yahoo! Search is a web search engine, owned by Yahoo!, Inc. and is currently the 2nd largest search engine on the web (as defined by a September 2007 Nielsen Netratings

    report.) Originally Yahoo! started as a web directory of other websites, organized in a hierarchy, as opposed to a searchable index of pages. Over time, Yahoo! evolved into a full-fledged portal in the late 1990s with eventually a Search interface.

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