Discover The New Updates Of Google Reader

Google Reader the largest rss feed reader and free service by Google. Though use of Google Reader within short time, you can read your favorite site without directly log-on this site and easily you will get the subscription address. Recently, they updated google reader and made it more user friendly.

You can found one new option. Discover. After click on the link, you should see Recommendation and Browse option. Google reader show you some active links and their short status and directly click on to ‘Subscribe’ button easily you can add on your own Google Reader section.

From Browse section you get more easier features to ‘Subscribe’ your friends and family and so on.

If you don’t know your friends feed, simply type his/her user name or blog url. Google Reader will help you to add him or her on your reader section.

And now, you can see your friend’s shared items from your Google Reader and also you can hide your friends too. And also you can invite your friends to join on Google Reader. Enjoy!
If you have no account, you want one? Signup Now!

[via opengiga]

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