10 Great 4 column WordPress Theme

I found that huge people search for their site WordPress theme and that should be 4 column WordPress theme. But, don’t know, 4 column theme has some limitation on the web world. Compatible 3 column wordpress theme which is available on the web and where as 4 column has only available theme only 15 to 30. Theme designer should develop more 4 column theme for WordPress lover. 10 Great 4 column theme are given below:

1. Royal Blue Theme: Fully professional outlook and 4 column wordpress theme.

2. News Print Theme: NYT’imes look-alike outlook and for only textal conect, this theme is better the n then other 4 column themes.

3. Kubrick’s 4-column Theme: Classical Kubrick theme tweaked into 4 column design. The age old simple design with more colums for you to show more content in sidebars.

4. Quadruple Blue Theme: Theme developed by Small Potato, so it’s totally uniqe and outllook personal and perfessional too.

5. Neo-Sapien 5.0 Theme: Theme developed by Small Potato and 4 column theme and easily you can manage your works with the use of Neo-Sapien.

6. Slined Mod 2.0 Theme: Extremely powerful theme Slined Mod and 4 column also avilabale and you can easily play with this theme.

7. Simply Tree Light Theme: Simple but 4 column WordPress theme and widget ready and easily you can manage your work.

8. YGo GreenaryTheme: Nice colour combination and outlook looks too cool and white and green great combination.

9. FourWPTP Theme: It is a 4 column widget ready theme and fully optimized for google adsense and professional too.

10. Annoyed 1.0 Theme: Totally different from other theme and your content section larger then other columns.

Take a look and if you are unable to sort out your 4 column theme, please write on comments section. I’ll try my best to find out.

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