How To Make a Personalized Startup Page On

help you to make a personalize web page and you can manage you site easily, with small flakes which should be help you to play with Pageflakes and you can arrange your homepage including your own interests items. Such as, news, games, email service, local events, ajax based google search engine, flickr photos, blogging small platform, twitter updates, music, youtube vedio, calendar, todo list, countdown timer, shuduko games, analog clock, alexa ranking, gabbly chatting, personal browser and so on and so on….. Currently, PageFlakes has 237261 typs of flakes and already 138337 pagecasts already cast on pageflakes and with large community.

“On Pageflakes simply you have to search your desired flakes and easily you can manage this flakes for you – No Limitation”

Hope you got some idea how actually pageflakes going to work for you. It’s really amazing but it’s true that PageFlakes really work for you and this site do the maximum hard work for you and you can represent yourself smartly with smart outlook of your Personalized PageFlakes site.

Firstly, Now with an valid email address open an free account on Pageflakes.

Secondly, valid you account and then log on your Pageflakes account and you see that kinds of option “Add Page”. Click on this option and type your desired name and within a second this will be updated automatically. On that way, you can make more pages with specific topics. No bounds about page creation and also you can move those page and make a location one by one.

Thirdly, click on the Red Button, which should be visible on right side, upper section. And here you see two option. One is Reader and another one is Send To a Friend. Click on Reader option and read all of your added feeds as a Newspaper. and click on to Send to a friend, you can share with your friend about this page and so on.

Fourthly, you should a left sidebar “Top Flakes”. Here, you found, Today’s top flaked list and also you can add anyone with one click and it’s simple.

Okay… one test Okay, we are going to add Twitter Flakes for the test purpose. Finally added and every flakes has some options and simply on the Flake, see the right upper place of flakes, did you found edit button click and manage your twitter account.
On that way, you can add any flakes for you site and you can drag and drop any flakes and hope, you see Twitter Flake has some extra option visible on the print screen: Update | Recent | Archive | Public. Without page refreshment, you can check on and manage easily.

Fifth, From Manage Pagecast, you can manage your Page casting system. If you want, you can make it private or you share with your invited friends or you can share with anybody or with whole world. Anybody can see your Personalized Page. And every page you can manage your own wishes and it’s upto depends on you.

Sixth, you can manage your page themes in manage ways on pageflakes. From 71 theme, you can select from anyone for you can make one as you like. Simply, you have to upload it on to pageflakes and this will be work for you.

Seventh, The impotent thing is about your Personalize Page’s outlook. You can make it One or Two or Thee column themes. And also you can manage Three column or two column with deferential size. Click and save it and then don’t forget to save it and within short this option will work for you. For you kind information, Maximum user love three column Theme and hope you like it.

Eighth, If you want to make a profile and yah! you can manage it on pageflakes and simple. When you updated your profile, you will be available on People section. Simply search your name and don’t forget to add me as friend.

Ninth, If you want to add more feed onto your Personalized Site, this option will help you do this work. How, Simply paste the Site’s RSS FEED or import your OPML file and automatically, Pageflakes will do the rest of work for you.

Tenth, One thing for you, If you really know, how to play with pageflakes, I am confirming you, you also can make a way that, you can earn money through your site. Yah! Might be I earned some money. it’s secret and firstly you have play and then you will be the digger.

So, why you are waiting here, take a first look of this page OPEN GIAG On PageFlakes and then start to develop your own personalized page smartly.

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