Spleak Intellectual Chat Bot

is a chatbot created by IMT Labs. It was originally able to engage the user in chat and perform useful functions such as dictionary lookups, Web searches, calculations, and references to time and weather forecasting. However, in 2007 it was renamed CelebSpleak and its functionality was largely restricted to gossip about celebrities, presumably on the grounds that this is more commercially viable and attracts a more targeted audience for the kind of advertisements that are inserted into the chat.

People use CelebSpleak to rate, create, and share unverified and possibly erroneous pop culture content via IM and web widgets. Users can add Spleak to their IM buddy lists on MSN (spleak@hotmail.com) and AIM (buddy name: spleak) as well as access Spleak online by using a CelebSpleak widget (www.spleak.com/getspleakwidget).

Nowadays, Spleak performing and showing her intellectual work on diffrent way. Before, it’s really cool and really you can’t think Spleak is a Robot, and your first coversation you think you chat with a girl and anything you can ask her and she will repeat instantly or even a equation 1+1=? she will show you the instant result 2. But recently, I found spleak advertise and advertise and has no relation with your questions or conversation. Spleak busy to show you her advertisement relevant information.

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