Free Email Newsletters Service For You

Nowadays some people looking for a free newsletter service. Through Newsletter, you can mail your website updates to your visitors. Thus, user also aware about your blog updates and they come to know more from your site. So, on that way, Newsletter has some credits to get your huge free traffic. Below, sharing with you seven free email newsletter service sharing…

– The largest newsletter service on the web and popular feed management tools and much more features on feedburner and quick email servicing and maxiam blogger use this service. Atomic Mail Sender is a flexible direct mail and newsletter sending software with built-in tracking facilities.

– Configure unlimited follow up and newsletter messages with name personalization, click through and open rate tracking, attachments, RSS, and split testing at no additional cost. Messages can include HTML using our 51+ pre-designed templates, or create your own with the integrated easy editor and images or plain text.

– Automating the email newsletter publication, delivery and subscription processes, FeedBlitz simplifies newsletter generation, delivery and operations.– Zookoda is an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers. Zookoda enables you to send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your latest blog posts directly into your visitors inbox.
Oh…did we mention – it’s all FREE! – Easily you can create and send newsletters to customers.

– iContact allows businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations to easily create, publish, and track email newsletters, surveys, blogs, autoresponders, and RSS feeds.

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