Smart AOL Email service

AOL Mail
service another one largest email service on the web world and sand on with alexa ranking 49. You can get a free AOL account for you. Like as Gmail, now aol has much more features and day by up growing another one email service. Faster then others and secure too and no need to think of your storage.
You can easily mail-replay-forward-check, whatever you wants all available on AOL. You can add your friends on your buddy list and instant chat from your inbox with your AOL IM ID. If needed, create your events with out page refreshing on inbox’s right sidebar. Also, to-do-list ready for you and make it easily. Suddenly, you need to blogging, start your blogging form your inbox and with all blog features too and enjoy to stay with great community.
AOL has spam controlling system and you can make your filter too for working purpose.  Auto sign in and sign off system available for you and you can mail your friends from your mobile phone too. Now, Gmail’s maximum features available on aol and I found some user moving their account on aol.
Signup for an account and enjoy AOL.

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