Yahoo! Implements OpenID For 250 Millions Of User ID

Today Officially Yahoo! announced that the company will authenticate the identities of its approximately 250 million users ID and if they choose to login through the use of OpenID and now OpenID supports to Yahoo! ID.

I am sure, if you have know idea about openid, you are curious about to know more…OpenID is a decentralized single sign-on system. Using OpenID-enabled sites, web users do not need to remember traditional authentication tokens such as username and password. Instead, they only need to be previously registered on a website with an OpenID “identity provider” (IdP). Since OpenID is decentralized, any website can employ OpenID software as a way for users to sign in; OpenID solves the problem without relying on any centralized website to confirm digital identity.
Which site actually support openid, a list will be available here.

Here, much more interesting information avilabale for you. Don’t forget to check out…

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