WikiFortio – Free File Sharing Site

WikiFortio – Free File Sharing Site. WikiFortio stand on web with the alexa rank of 23010 and they are upgrowing site. On this site, you can upload and download any kinds of files easily. You can upload up to the file size of 100mb. And if you need you can add some description of your files or you can select how long your file will be exist on WikiFortio and maximum you can select within 99 days. Even, you can share your files with your friends or you can protect your files with the use of password. When, you upload your files, the progress bar will show you “progressing result”. If you want to download any files from main page of WikiFortio, simply you have to press the ID number of your files and then click on ‘Download” button, then rest of the work will be done by WikiFortio.

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