Sandy — Your Personal Email Assistant

Who is Sandy? Sandy it’s your personal email assistant and work for you forever. You don’t have to pay Sandy. Sandy will remind all of your daily workds and everything. You don’t have to think your next days planing and times. Sandy will remind you, when and where you have to meet and which location(maybe it’s on cafe).

Simply, you have to signup for an free account on “I Want Sandy” and need a little bit setup for your accounts. Just, manage your timezone, your mobile phone number, your twitter id, your jott id and rest of the work will done by sandy. How?

For an example, send a message to your personal assistant Sandy …

        To: Jim <>
From: Marla <>
Cc: Sandy <>
Subject: Our coffee date

We’re on for our coffee date tomorrow afternoon!

Sandy, remind us about Coffee at Frank’s Diner tomorrow at 3pm.

Take care,

And, Sandy also remind your friends too. And all of your contact address will be tracked by Sandy and even sandy will automatically create vcards. You can see all of your reminder in once place. Also you can manage to-do list, appointments, contacts, bookmarks,notes, lists.

“Email, Web, SMS, Twitter updates all are computable on Sandy and now the time to use Sandy as Personal Assistant.”

Need more information please see Sandy’s Guide.

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