Social Micro-Blogging Platform Goes Public – Pownce


Pownce – Social Micro-Blogging Network Platform Goes Public. Last few months ago, pownce has some restriction and without your friends invitation you can’t able to join pownce. But, recently officially pownce goes public and anybody can open an free account and you can start your micro-blogging on pownce or make your social network.

Pownce till now beta version but pownce has some rich features then other services. Here you can share files upto 10 mb for free account or you can choose pro account and then you can share 100 mb, share links and you can send and recevie messages from your friends. You can invite your friends too.

Powance has desktop client which should be build up by Adobe Air Platform. From your desktop client, you can directly send and recevie messgaes from your friends. If you are involved with another some social sites like as facebook, twitter, jaiku, bebo or others you can also share with your friends from your pownce account. Evething is now user frinedly on pownce, simply you have manage all of your social network address on sidebar.

[via Lifehacker] | [via wired]

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