lunched new service – Edublogs Campus


If you want to be a blog site owner and that should be yours and only yours and your the owner of your blog site. Your the Admin of your website and you want to create, manage, brand or control blogs for your institution and whatever you wants everything will be provided by And recently edublogs going to provide you and you can make your own blog site for your instution or your website or education prupose. Whatever you likes?

You don’t have to think of your bandwidth or storage or any limitations everthing and all supports will come from and even you have no knowledge about technical, will help to manage all of your work in once place and that should be collaborative, dynamic and effective way on present web 2.0 and the easiest way for you, they will provide you video tutorials and then you can easily learn how actually you can maintain a own blog site.

If you want to linkedup your site with your site as a subdomanin, will help you and even they will give you free domain(request theme) and also they can contact with your service provider and they will manage all of your works without any cost and you have never ever think of your site.

Here, you will get more support and get free tips and tricks for your own blog site. Don’t forget to take support from edublogs forums.

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