MessageDance – New Social Messaging Service

this developed for public messaging service and specially for you. From your any email account(yahoo/gmail/aol/live), simply first sing up for an account and then use messagedance’s email id and though the use of messagedance you can change or updates your profile or current status and exchange with your friends. And your message will be automatically updated on your blog site or website or your social networking site.

Like as twitter, you can send your friends through the email address and your email address should be look a-like Even you can input photos of video and if you like you can updates your profiles and all updates will be work automatically and now it’s working properly. app__networks_work.gif

If you like you can add your other network’s friends too or also you can invite them to join and you can share your updates through the use of messagedance. For WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal they have widgets and even for social network for bebo, facebook, twitter and for others service. Don’t forget to checkout facebooks apps, I specially like this one.

Now MessageDance on beta version and they will confirm you, if you submit your email address. And sure it’s new innovative updates on web world. “Use MessageDance and Make your Life More Easier”

[via venturebeat]

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