Create Personalize Start Page & Get All Updates In One Place –


Bloglines till now on beta version and today I checkout their upcoming service. It’s really great and amazing and feeling excited to use their service. On Beta version they implemented and made it fully AJAX based service. You can easily add or remove feeds and even you can read any blog in three ways (Quick View with headlines, 3-Pane View and Full View) which one you like you can select.
If you want, you can read any blog like as google reader and even bloglines has great drag and dropping system and easily you can create your own”My Startup Page“. If you are using long time on Google reader, you should checkout for a minture on bloglines. But how? How I can transfer my all feeds? Bloglines has .opml file importing and exporting features and you can easily import your feeds from google reader and instantly they will updates all of the contents. When you are reading, on that time you can save or send or share with your friends anytime from anywhere.

All updated contents will be shown you and it’s up to depends on you how you want to setup your accounts.
For your kind information, if you have low internet connection, I recommended you should use bloglines and three times faster then google reader. Becasue, now a days I can’t able to use google reader because it takes huge time to open and load all contents. Where as, on bloglines simply you have to login and all are ready for you.

Developer should think one thing, around the world every where internet connection and net speed quality is not same. Though bloglines make a My Startup Page, but on average they think all of their users and do their best and make it user friendly.

Use Bloglines and Make Your Life Easier.

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