Google Wishing 50th Birthday of

Today, Google changed their logo and celebrating 50th birthday of

Why actually Google celebrating 50th birthday of Lego’s? Everybody has a question. And I got the answer on searchengineland. Barry Schwartz has made a post on SearchEngineLand “Google Lego Logo: Google Offers Lego 50th Birthday Wishes

From searchengineland Google’s culture has always had a special place for lego. Google’s first servers were ‘modded’ up with legos, the Google founders have admitted to having a special “fondness” towards legos, and we all know that computer ‘geeks’ can’t get enough of their legos. Google has Lego art in their offices, Lego fans have built Google logos in lego, and so have Googlers themselves.

No comments actually but it’s really amazing to see the Google’s first servers and some great information on searchengineland’s blog.

Enjoy Google’s entertainment.

[via searchengineland.]

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