Google Releases Social Graph Code

Recently Google Code released a post about Social Graph API. But, question it that, How actually Social Graph Code worked on web and for people? This API should be make a relationships about your twitter, myspace, jaiku and so on your social services. And your friends and their all information are publicly accessible for new apps and when you joined any new social network which should be built by API, you never ever have to re-develop your social networks or contact list or connection. It’s really tough for anybody to always manage all of their friends in different social services.

googlesocialgraph.pngGoogle engineer Brad Fitzpatrick has made a post about Social Graph Code with a video(introduction to the social graph api), from blog entry”So you’ve just built a totally sweet new social app and you can’t wait for people to start using it, but there’s a problem: when people join they don’t have any friends on your site. They’re lonely, and the experience isn’t good because they can’t use the app with people they know. You could ask them to search for and add all their friends, but you know that every other app is asking them to do the same thing and they’re getting sick of it. Or they tried address book import, but that didn’t totally work, because they don’t even have all their friends’ e-mail addresses (especially if they only know them from another social-networking site!). What’s a developer to do?

Take a look of this images below and click to see the large view.

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