Make Your Personalized Startup Page – ProtoPage

another one personalized startup web page like Netvibes and Pageflakes. Day by day they are updating their service and they have some cool features and help you to make your personalized page with out any knowledge of coding or extra works. And it’s free too.

From anywhere, anytime you can access your account and even you can add or remove or edit whatever you like you can do all on your protopage account.

What sort of features you’re going to get from ProtoPage?

In once place you can make your to-do-list, weather news, news rss feed, sticky notes, we access, blogging, grouping, own page and much more features and you can manage earthing. If you want, you can change of your site’s outlook too, they have great color choosing system. Search maximum popular search engine from one site and use tab for to make different page for different purpose.

If you don’t like to share you page, you can manage it through selecting private option and even you can make it public too. Games also available for entertainment, enabled drag and drop system and easily you can manage all of your widgets too.


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