Recommended Desktop Client For Micro-blogging – Twtitter

Recently, I got some Twitter Desktop Client and which should be more user friendly and flexible and light version for any user. Not only desktop versions but also some plugins available for twitter lovers. Which one you like or prefer you can use anyone or more then two.

Main thing is that, if you use this clients in anyways, you can send and receive the updates of your friends. Hope, you will get most experiences about micro-blogging.
Twitteroo by RareEdgeTwitteroo 1.4 for Windows released on 13 March 07 (by RareEdge Design Group) – *new* features include font resizing, transparency, sound notifications, built-in URL shortening. Programmable API!

Features of Twitterootwitteroo.jpg

  • Update your Twitter status from your Desktop
  • URL shortening via
  • Double-click a status to message that user directly
  • Twitter notifications
  • View your Friends time line or the Public time line
  • Click able links from status messages
  • Refreshes automatically or manually
  • Set refresh time and notification transparency
  • Support for international characters in status messages
  • Browse to Twitter user page or personal websites
  • Customize Twitteroo font size
  • Set transparency for main Twitteroo window and notifications
  • Optional sound notification when new tweets arrive
  • Profile icon caching for faster Tweeting
  • Bite-sized cookies made from real Twitter

widsets_logo.jpgTwitter Widget by WidSets Twitter widget for Widsets – have the latest timeline updates automatically pushed to your mobile and update your status on the go. From more than 300 mobile devices – for free – with WidSets!

Twitterrific – Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.

Features Of Twitterrific twitterrific.jpg

  • Clean, concise UI with small desktop footprint
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Auto refreshing at user defined intervals
  • Replies and direct messages are displayed inline
  • Number of unread tweets shown in the Dock
  • Delete tweets from Twitter quickly and easily
  • Auto show / hide when new tweets arrive
  • Control over window layering and priority
  • Single click access to user profile pages
  • Switch between friend and public tweets easily
  • Keyboard shortcuts for list navigation and more
  • Control Twitterrific with AppleScript
  • Audio notification for new tweets
  • Hotkey to show / hide tweets

twitbin.gifTwitbin by Infinimedia – If you’re a regular user of Firefox Mozilla you can easily install a plugins and that should be helpful and you can post or tweet from your browser. Visit Twitbin and download the plugins and enjoy.

Features Of Twitbin

  • You can post anything from your browser.
  • Anytime login or logout on your twitter account.
  • Refresh and checkout the updates.
  • Easily you can send 140 letters.

opera_widget_screenshot_small.pngOpera Widget by Opera Twitter Opera widget A widget for the Opera browser. If you’re a lover of Opera you can use this widget on to your browser. And enjoy and share your moments.

google_twitter_gadget_shot.pngTwitter Gadget by Google – If you’re a user of Googles desktop client and you can download and install twitter gadgets for your pc and it’s user friendly and comfortable too. When you send any updates from your pc, automatically this will be visible on your Gadgets. But, you have to install the Google Deskop client for to use this Twiter Gadgets.

PocketTweets For Your iPhone – If you’re a iPhone user, you can use PocketTweets. It’s is a web based twitter client for the apple iPhone and you can see the latest tweets from your contacts, updates, status and on public time line what happening around the world. If you want to use it please on this page on your iPhone.

iphone_twitter.jpgFeatures Of PocketTweets

  • Update your Twitter status from anywhere using your iPhone
  • View your friends’ twitter status updates
  • View direct messages that are sent to you
  • View the public time line
  • Gorgeous iPhone-exclusive interface

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