Snitter – Powerful Twitter Desktop Client

the largest micro-blogging platform and from anywhere and anytime you can share your feelings and also get updates of your others friends and followers. But when you are busy, you don’t have to visit your own twitter site, simply you can use your favorite Twitter Desktop Client – Snitter , from your pc you will send your stattus or to get updates of others.

Snitter! – Snitter is “Snook’s Twitter” an Adobe AIR-powered application for twittering and you can send 140 characters from your desk and easily you can receive any updates.

On 9th January, Snitter released a new version on Snitter’s Twitter. You will get some extra features on Snitter and hope you enjoy it.


New Features On Snitter

  • auto-updates tweet list
  • highlights messages sent to you via @ syntax (and makes a chirp)
  • clear current list of tweets
  • refresh list of tweets
  • displays last time it tried to request an update
  • 20 most recent items in your timeline
  • view 20 most recent replies
  • view 20 most recent direct messages
  • view and filter friends list by name and screen name
  • view and filter followers
  • links to easily @reply and Direct message users
  • keyboard shortcuts to access each panel
  • add favorites tab and allow tweets to be set as a favorite
  • will notify you of new versions of Snitter
  • audible notification of new tweets
  • will remember previous window size and location
  • will minimize to system tray
  • auto-login

Keyboard Shortcuts For Snitter

  •   T = tweets
  •   A = archives
  •   R = replies
  •   D = direct messages
  •   F = favourites
  •   I = friends
  •   O = followers
  •   U = updates
  •   J = scroll tweet list up
  •   K = scroll tweet list down

Developer’s working for it and inputing new features too and you have to download the larest version Download and install Adobe AIR beta 3 and then Download Snitter alpha and hope this will work for you.

Please download the latest version and that should be greatful for you and this will enrich your user expericene. See for more information

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