Checkout The Most Popular Folks From Twitter Meter


Twitter meter it’s an cool website and this site will query an index of all the words and that should be sent to twitter’s public time-line and a user friendly Graph Chart will show you some information what sort of folks are now talking on twitter publically.. I just bit checkout Google’s statistics on Twitter meter and also search and

It’s truly shocking Graph Chart for me that, nowadays people twittering with, asking, replying, chatting, micro-blogging whatever all about and most probably more then Google.

PS: On twitter meter might be I faced with a bug and that should be about “coma”. You will see something like that — Results for: “google“, “yahoo“, “live“. But, If you use “come” between of your two keywords that result will be only show the last keywords. But, If you write all of your keywords without “come” but a “space”; automatically a graph chart will be visible on to Twitter Meter with all of your keywords and that should be helpful for you to compare with others keywords.

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