Is Matt Cutts Blog Unofficial Or Official Google Blog

Matt Cutts who is one of my favorite blogger and always I tried my best to read his blog and nowadays I am bit confused about one thing though it's silly matter but confusing matter and that should be for anybody. Though on Matt's blog, he clear from his point of view and that should be really great for me. If you read Matt Cutts blog's Disclaimer their you will get some point and showed that, his blog only his personal blog and their he share his personal opinions which should be relevant with Google and gadgets or search engine optimization.

Where as, when you search on Google you will see that Matt's blog which is unofficial Google blog šŸ˜‰

But, When you're on Wikipedia, you will be confused. Because of here wikipedia showed that Matt's blog both Official and another one place Matt's blog personal. Is this funny? Huh?

See Below:


Why that kinds of different information in Wikipedia?

Ref: Matt_Cutts | Matt's Disclaimer | Search Engine Optimization

PS: This blog post only to remove your confusion and feel free to read Matt's great blog and this site will help to get huge traffic on web world šŸ˜‰

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