Google Calendar Sync Service

Yesterday, Officially Google announced "Google Calendar Sync" another one new features which should be really great for anybody and make your life more faster and you don't have to fall in hassle. From one place you can do different things and but all will be same and automatically rest of the work will done for you.

This service "Google Calendar Sync" allows you to sync to manage your events between Google Calendar and your Microsoft Outlook Calender. Such as when you updates any events on to your Google calender that will be updated on Microsoft Outlook calender and when you updates any events on Microsoft outlook that will be automatically updated on to your Google Calender. Whatever you do, you don't miss the events. But one thing is that only Google Calender support Microsoft Outlook Calender by default.

Once you have installed the Google calender Sync onto your PC; Google Sync settings will be visible for you. From their you can select your option and calender icon will be always available on windows system try and the icon will show you when it's busy with syncing and when it's not active.


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