Tips And Tricks Features On Google Reader

Google Reader which is the best web based rss feed reader and from one place you can track more then 100+ or 200+ or more site or you can read/share/tagged or to email your friends whatever you like. Nowadays Google reader making huge contest on web with others site such as bloglines, netvibes, pageflakes, rojo and so on.

But the thing it that, maximum user use Google reader and it's really user friendly too and you can share your items or you can manage your profiles and you can see your friends (contact lists) shared items also. If you like to share with your friends about your Google reader experience, the most convenient way you can and even you can invites your friends.

I am going to share with you one things though I knew that you know better then me. If you want to share your stuffs what actually you're reading or sharing and easily you can add on to your's blog site and also if you like though rss reader you can do the same things. And simply you have to click on the +Add to Blogger and then rest of the work will done for you. So, enjoy Google rReader and share your web experiences.

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