Using Gtalk Call All Around The World From Web …

a great site for you and they implemented this site and make a connected with Gtalk and that should be free for you and world wide you can make a call with the use of your gtalk and even half price rate and on tringme’s official blog they told that the service is better then skype.

Tringme will make your life more easier and they have some great features. Below sharing with the features list:

Push-n-Talk Features

  • No numbers, No dialing – Just Push & Talk
  • No additional software required
  • Place widgets on any website – blogger, eBay, facebook, myspace, typepad, wordpress etc.
  • Receive calls on any of existing services including cell phone, VoIP, Gtalk etc.
  • Receive voicemail on email if you are not reachable
  • Super clear quality & It’s FREE …[Learn More] [Try Demo]

TringPhone Features

  • Flash-based SIP phone which you can configure to use with any VoIP provider.
  • Call worldwide from the web – No additional software required.
  • Call from any flash enabled browser – no need to download any softphone or SIP client.
  • Use mobile version of TringPhone from any mobile device or PDA (upcoming).
  • Built-in echo canceller – also works with older version of flash.
  • Compliant with – RFC 3261 and other extensions. Also supports allowable characters as defined in RFC 2396 (not only numericals)
  • Super clear quality & It’s FREE …[Learn More] [Try Demo – Call Free]

But it’s really workable for web user such as you can add their Tringme widgets on to your site and user directly from your site they can send you voice mail and you can checkout anytime. Even you can select how actually you want to receive it. Say, you can get via direct on to your cell phone or on your email or from your gtalk. What ever you like you can select but firstly you have signup with a gmail account on

If you involved with and even you can get voice mail from your profiles too but you have to add this apps on to your profile page and from here you add and be connected with your friends.

To make a call, all you need to do is send a message to from Gtalk. note that you would have added tringme to the list of friends in Gtalk already.

  • To make a call to a number, merely send a message – call <number> – to For e.g. call 18585551212 would initiate a call to 1-858-555-1212.
  • You can also call other TringMe users by merely using their email address. For e.g., call would connect user to whatever destination the user has chosen to terminate upon.
  • You can reach more than 40 million worldwide SIP users using Gtalk just by typing their SIP URI. For e.g call will connect you to Greg’s SIP server.

[via Tringmeblog | techcrunch]

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