Short History Of & Some Information

In San Francisco a tiny company named Pyra Labs firstly started and that was with the combination of three friends and on 2002 Google acquired and it's a great another steps on web world and Google spread the whole world about blogging and so on features and every seconds Google tried their best and till now updating and currently millions of user on It's a short review and you get more information on

On 2003 that time also maintain Blogs Of Note. I got some sites

  • Feel like browsing? Here are some blogs we've noticed recently.
  • Dave Barry's Blog

  • Is That Legal?

  • Where The Hell Did My Job Go?

  • Tax Observer

  • tom chi

  • The Computer Vet Weblog

  • Games * Design * Art * Culture

  • Tech Law Advisor

  • Happy Deflationist

  • ljc blog

  • See some old blog and hope you like those sites…

    • The 10 most recently published blogs:

    On the print screen you're looking of a first lunched outlook of Yah! you think it's really odd and a bad color combination but another one thing you have to think that it was on 1999.

            Sharing with you the text and what actually they represented on 1999. Thanks to Way Back Machine.

    "What is it?

    Blogger is an automated weblog publishing tool.

    What does it do?
    You make posts to your weblog (or your What's New page or any other web page you want to update frequently with chronologically sorted posts) by submitting a form on this web site, and the results immediately show up on *your* site, with *your* design.

    How does it work?
    Magic! Well, actually, you provide Blogger a template of your page (or use the default) that indicates where you want your posts to appear. When you make a new post, you'll get a "Save to Server" button that will automatically FTP your new page to your web server. No muss. No fuss. Total control.

    Wow, where do I enter my credit card number?
    Blogger is free. Try it out.

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