SearchMe – New Visual Search Engine


SearchMe a new smart search engine which is based on Mountain view company since from 2005. And the founders Randy Adams and John Holland worked for this site and has raised $31 million from Sequoia and others to further its efforts to make search look more lively.  Currently this site on beta mode and you have to request for your accounts. And the search result which should be quite different from others results. And when you search anything, the result will be visible with a visual format or through a images.

“We are no Google, of course, but we are trying something different to provide a new experience for search users,” said Adams. [via]


Currently SearchMe has indexing around 1 billion pages and day by day the developer team updating their site’s features. And don’t be confused about one things that, results will not be flash based and you will get the maximum relevant results in that site. Hope a day will come, when you will get your site on Till now I didn’t taste out but I found on their Live Demo and don’t miss to see the life demo and you really enjoy it.


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