Make Money Though TNX.Net

tnx_logo.png is a great site for text link advertising and which is web based free service and the most convenient you can earn huge money. It’s great for both publishers and advertisers and both will be profitable though the Tnx’s money making program.

Without any cost you can join on and that should be free for both Publishers and advertisers. So, now you can signup for an account.

After completing your signup session, you will need to log-on your program and easily you can make a difference’s about publishers and advertisers options. Whatever you like you can select and start to get extra benefits.

If you want to enjoy as a Publisher, simply you have to paste the code on your site and they will checkout your site and after the approval, you’re ready to earn money as much as you can. All payments are made by paypal account. So, securely anytime you can receive your money from anywhere.

If you want to enjoy as a Advertisers, simply the left sidebar will help you to manage your everything. You can start to Ad Campaign. Their you will get some extra features to manage the geo-targeting, website’s categories, google page rank and so on. And even will calculate and providing you that, “how many links you will get on based on the parameters you chose and your spending plan (in TNX points. Like as Google Adsenese this site will provide you some effective and recommended information and that will work for you.


If you are interest about Affiliates program, you can join and earn TNX points through people referring on TNX’s service. So, directly referring you can earn and get money from TNX program. If you have website or blog site, you can use their affiliates ads on your site. When you refer webmasters to, you get 13.3% (as long as your account is active) of all TNX-points that are generated by their websites. In addition, you will receive 5% of all payments, made by referred advertiser (this option will work after paypal payments will be automated).


Last one things that, TNX site will provide you the Perl and PHP both codes. Choose anyone for your site. Enjoy!

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