Exciting About WordPress 2.5 RC2

On 26 March, WordPress made a post about their upcoming new WordPress 2.5. It’s truly great for me and the WordPress lovers. I can’t able to resist myself to checkout the new features. So, going to share with you great and creative information.

The WordPress team working hard for it and make it maximum friendly too. Even, they solved some critical bugs and updating some great features and hope people also think of that types of updates.

If you’re a photo blogger, you have a great opportunity to play with WordPress. And the most convenient way you can manage your works within short times. In past, only you can attach one photo or images at a time but now you can upload as much as you want. Another one things I really like, you can see your recent comments on dashboard and when your stats will be visible though graphically, on the time right side you can textual status too. And also updated incoming links, rss feed features, categorizes, tagging, managing posts and pages and so on.

New Dashboard Features:

Management Features:

Navigation Features:

Matt Published a screen cast video about upcoming WordPress 2.5. Don’t miss 😉

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