Track Your Friend’s Activities On Web Through

a new collaborative social networking site. Before to discuss about FriendFeed, you should know again one known things about Facebook. Hope, you experienced about Facebook and their from one place you can see your friends activities, status of your friends, profile changes or updated new photos/videos, new items, Group discussions, events, apps added, birthday and so on features. And also the recent activites visible on MiniFeed of your friends profiles too. All things will be happen in one place.

Where as makes it more collaborative, opening new features, makes yourself more faster then others and less the limitations. On which network your friends? It’s not a big deal, simply you have to signup for an account. After then, you can add your all social networking activities. When you changed anything on Digg account or Jaiku or or anywhere automatically the updates will be visible on your FriendFeed url. Your friend url look a like


Even on friendfeed you can make news friends, subscription features already available and when your friendfeed’s friend updating anything new or when they did any works on web, you also get the recent activities of your friends and share your own comments too.


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