Compose And Send Mail From

You know which is one of the largest social networking site and the most powerful, with great features and currently facebook stands on web world with the alexa rank of six. Even maximum user like it’s features and people really love this site. Few months ago I meet on a Get Together with some of blog friends, their I found one guy who maximum time spend his time on facebook because facebook give him everything 😉

But one thing which is truly important for anybody and maximum social networking site don’t bother or don’t feel about this features. It’s EMAIL. From face anytime you can send and receive mails and that attachment also quite bit different from other email services. Simply you have to give the attachment files location and then facebook email will upload it. If you provide your blog url, this will collect the recent contents and also around 12 recent photos should collected from your blog and that should be visible on your attachments instantly. And if you don’t like the collected contents, you can change, edits, deletes or make it unchangeable. So, start composing and get connected though facebook

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