Convert Your Favorite Web Pages, Documents to MP3 Format

readthewords_logo.gif is an extreme powerful online web based tools. This site will help you to convert your favorites or documents or pdf files on to MP3 files format.

Why actually this tools need you? I guess you are busy and you don’t have much more times to read your favorites tools but you have a iPod, so on the way or when you’re free a bit you can listen the updates of site your selected sites or any news or that can be your official documents too.


Currently this site can convert Powerpoint slides, Word documents, PDF, HTML based web pages and also rss reader. Even, you can choose the voice, which voice you like? Male or Female? Frank (US Male) or Lauren (US Female) and simply select from the drop down menu. And start to enjoy

Another one things that, submit the web pages and then after completing the conversation this will automatically mailed to you. So, you can download instantly or later download the files and listen and enjoy your web life.

Credit goes to Jane.

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