14 Email Address Working For You In 14 Ways

Professional blogger or a daily web workers doing everything on right way and don’t waste his or her time without any reasons. Few months ago I read a blog post that ” don’t waste your time to read your mail”. It’s better to checkout inbox with a break and which should be six hours or only two times a day. Actually a contradiction works on that topics and it’s depends.

But, though the email address you can do much more funs on web world. Might be you don’t know and you can use your time and do more works from your email address and even all updates will come redirect again on to your mail.

Let see how some email service changing your working styles and makes you more creative.

1. If you are blogger.com‘s user, simply select your email address to example.iblog@blogger.com and start to make posts though your desired email accounts. Your subject will be your blog tile and your contents will be your summary of the posts Looks

2. Post your photos on flicker through a mail. Simply select your email address from here and then upload on to your email address and send to xkjskhsd@photos.flickr.com.Your subject will be your title when photos will be visible on your account.

3. You need to convert your official docs with a PDF version. So, upload your all files and send to pdf@koolwire.com and then will do your work and forward you within a short time

5. slideshare_logo.gifIf you want to upload your presentation or .ppt files on Slideshare.net, simply upload your files and email to upload@upload.slideshare.net and instantly that will visible on sideshows web.

6. If you want to upload your Video clips on to your tube, simply upload your desired clips and send to example@mms.youtube.com.

7. Convert PDF to Text Files and simply mail here pdf2txt@adobe.com. Or, convert Text Files to PDF, simply mail here pdf2html@adobe.com It’s working where no PDF software available.

8. If you’re a lover of Google docs, you can upload your files though a simple mail to xhkahaiuw78ddsa99@prod.writely.com and even you don’t have to login your site. Simply unload and send to your secrect email address.

9. If you’re a iPhone user, send your file to share iPhone@pdfonline.com and they will convert all of your files to PDF and shorty send to you. If you attach more then one then will mail you multiple times.

10. Looking for a Dictionary and which will provide your English meanings on any words? Mail here wsmith@wordsmith.org with the subject of your words. Say subject line as: complex. Next mail you will get the definition or synonyms.

11. If you lost your access to any website, simply type the url of that site and send to www@web2mail.com and they will send a copy of the web pages. And don’t forget to make a subject with your desired web url. Say, Subject: http://www.youtube.com

12. Are you looking for a personal Assistant? I am sure Sandy can be your Personal Digital Assistants. When you sign up, you will get a email address x878wxj@username.iwantsandy.com and their you can send your next appointments time, assignment submission times, working deal lines, meetings, eating, study time what ever. Sandy will make a reminder and email to you before the working times comes.

13. rememberthemilk.pngWhen you involved with Remember the milk, you will get a unique email address sample@rmilk.com and this will automatically manage the task and that will be visible on your inbox.

14. Though this email address e@xpenser.com, to fill up the data about your travel and this will record and send you the expesne of your travels. you get the information of your travel expense.

Hope you will enjoy more your email address experiences. If you know more tricks, don’t forget to share on comments sections.

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