Enhanc Your Twitter Experice Through GroupTweet.com

grouptweet.jpgGroupTweet a new site which is remove the limitation Group Twittering. Some people love to stay with their own groups or own area or with the same interest peoples. On Twitter.com has no facilities that types of features but Jaiku.com has group channel for their users , though Jaiku has some problems. However, GroupTweet will help you to manage your own twitter groups. And it’s too easy and you have to use your own twitter.com’s user name and password.

Get The Real Taste Of Twitter.com, With The Use Of GroupTweet.com

Simply follow four insturctions.

  • Create a Twitter account for you group (e.g. initechwebdevs or smithfamily). If you want to make this a private group, make sure that updates are protected in the settings.
  • Register your group’s Twitter account at GroupTweet.com
  • Tell all group members to follow the group account you created at Twitter. (If updates are protected, you will need to approve each follow request)
  • To send a message to all the group members, just direct text your group’s Twitter account. For example: ‘D initechwebdevs Just committed the latest code to the repository’

Hope you like this new service and this will make you happy and get the taste of group twitter and share your knowledge.

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