Get Updates Of Anysite Without RSS Feed Reader

If you want to read more blog or websites or you love to get the latest technology, lifestyles, present market situation or any news from one place, you will start to use Googlereader, bloglines, newsvine and so on free feed services. But, If the site has no RSS Feed system? How you will get the updates?

Google reader and bloglines has Google features, if you don’t know the feed url, simple submit the mail web url and automatically bloglines & Google will track the feeds and visible the latest on your feeds. But, I found some site has No RSS Feed System and on that time, Google Or Bloglines are not able to discover a Feed for you.

But, Update Scanner firefox add-ons will solve your problems. It’s and extension and will inform you when you desired site will updated. You can monetized a website in some ways.


After the installation, better to restart your browser for proper function. Then, make a title and submit the url. And select the time of AutoScan. And you can also ignore some updates. Easily you can manage everything.


When your desired site will be updated a notification alert also visible on your browser’s left panel and even you can scan for the sites updates. A arrow also detect or indicating that the site updated recently. And all changed are highlighted  with Bold font.


[via makeuseof]

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