Within A Click Upload Any Files On Gmail.com

gmail_logo.pngCurrently Gmail.com has around 6.6 Giga Byte space and all features are free for you. And it’s not possible to use your 6.6 GB only with email communication. How many email have you recevied within day or how many you send to others? No matter, what’s the size of your email or attachments. Gmail has huge space to receive any files and if you think you need more you can upgrade your accounts.

backuptoemailmain.gifHowever, you can use Gmail.com for your personal files backup. You have ebooks, docs, reposts, projects, web tools, other resources and what ever you can upload any files within a clicks. But, not more then 10 mb and if you want to upload more then 10 mb, you have to zip and upload it spercatly. But, how you can regular to take backup of your files on Gmail?

Backup To EMail a freeware software program for you. When you installed it, within a click you can upload your files from anywhere. When you’re installed this software, you have to setup the SMTP access and you need your gmail user name and password. Don’t forget to use an folder with the use of “+” sign. You can upload your all files example+jack@gmail.com. Thus, you will get all of your backup files in once place.

[via makeuseof.com]

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