Powerful Multi-messaging Desktop Appilcation – Digsby

digsbylogo.pngHave you ever experienced with multi-messaging applications? Actually, Multi-messaging apps will help you log-on all of your YahooIM, HotmailIM, Gtalk, AOL, ICQ, Jabber, IRC at the same times. You don’t have to install individually for every service. Such as Trillian, Aidum, MirandaIM and so on free multi messaging application available on web. Few months ago I made a post about that clients broadly Offline Instant Messenger Collection” and their you will get which apps supporting which services.

digsby_screenshot.jpgDigsby a new multi-messaging applications with some extra features. You can play with this apps in many ways. Digsby is till now on beta version but developer working for this apps. This is famous for only three main reasons: IM Messaging + Email + Social Networks.

Easily you can change your messengers skins, theme and layouts and setup system for notifications and conversations also available. You can easily manage your present status “busy, away, available” and your all friends can see you. Buddy picture also available. From your desktop, you can get the notifications of your facebook/twitter friends activities. However, you have huge friends you will get huge alerts so, you can manage all things.

Digsby Widget has instant widgets for websites and blog sites. You have to singup for an account to use this service. Like as Plugoo, instantly any visitor can chat with you from your websites. After signup, follow the instructions and copy and paste the code. It works for you.

Don’t forget to get the taste of desktop clients. Though Digsby on Beta version but they has Linus, Windows, Mac clients for you. It’s free and download today.

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