YakiToMe.com – Voice Of The Web & Convert Text Files to Speech

Yakitome the Voice Of The Web and great converter from text files to speech files. It’s fully web based test to speech application and allowing to convert test files to MP3 or WAV audio files too and even you can download the files for your MP3 player. Your voice can convert and your website or blog site too. If you don’t have much more times to read the blogs, you can use your MP3 to listen the news and RSS feed which is awesome features. All service will be free after the free signup. Whatever, you like covert your RSS Feeds, Word Files, Text Files, HTML Files, PDF Files.

A short list are given below:

* Covert text documents to MP3 or WAV audio files.
* Supported file formats: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .html, RSS and eMail.
* Download and save audio files to your computer or portable device.
* Search and subscribe to files created by other users.
* Share audio files with others by making them public.
* Works with documents in English, French and Spanish.
* Voice, speech speed, pronunciation controls are available.

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