Resize Any Images With 8 Effective Ways

Nowadays, searching an image re-sizer which will help me to manage my works without Photoshop or any high configured software. I got random resources from web. But, you can try 8 effective ways to resize your images which will save your times.

  1. Windows XP Image Resizing Power Tool
  2. Original Resizr
  3. ResizR
  4. Image Squash [currently, website not available]
  5. pxn8
  6. blibs
  7. SnipShot
  8. Create a Photoshop Droplet to handle image resizing

I turned some important words from

Image resizing tools aren’t just for people who don’t have Photoshop, or the non tech savvy. I often take screen capture snippets for posting to this blog and if they exceed the width of my content area, I need to resize them. And I don’t want to open up Photoshop (or another image program) to do it. Call me impatient or lazy or whatever, but that just seems like killing a fly with a hammer. [Eight Ways to Quickly Resize Images via]

Eight Ways to Quickly Resize Images [via] Resize your image 8 different way [via]

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