Personalized Cascading Style Sheets Features On Google Docs


Recently, Google Docs enabled personal stylish documents features. Now you can easily manage your own documents style. A personalized documents can create big impressions of your works and presentation. If you would like to get the taste of Cascading Style Sheets just go to any docs file and click on Edit CSS in Edit menu and start to make your own design.

For to get some idea about it’s work you can see Melissa Louie’s CSS docs and you can save for your use too. Get a sample copy which will help you to start your CSS works.

Below how you can get started in becoming a CSS master like Melissa:
1. Check out inspiring examples of styles that you can create and apply by checking out Melissa’s tips and tricks page.
2. Engage with other Docs users in our user group community. There, you can share styles with each other and help each other create new styles.
3. Try it out for yourself by adding some CSS code to your own document.


Want your docs to be stylin [via googledocs]

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