– Dedicated Video Games Search Engine


GameSkoot is a Dedicated Video Games Engine for gamers and which is powered by Exalead and designed by CubeDesigners. Who really like to get more information about their desired games or video games news and even games cheat or forum features available for discuss more about any games. If you like more or over enthusiast about games you can add their search engine your browser and with convenient you can search anything from your browser.

Hot Stuff option which is awesome for gamers. From their you can track some famous sites most recent activities. They have English & French both languages available for visitors.

Keyword tracking which is awesome for you. You can have a look of the games keywords. How actually this key tracker work for you? Have a look of the example: Bioshock Blue Dragon Call of Duty Crysis Devil May cry 4 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Eternal Sonata Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy VII Gran Turismo 5 Guitar hero Halo 3 Halo Wars Heavenly Sword Hellgate London Lair Lost Planet PC Mario Party 8 MGS 4 Phantom Hourglass Ratchet and Clank Resident Evil 5 Sega Rally Skate SoulCalibur IV

When people search any games name or to get some details information and most searched words will be visible on main pages. Advanced search featured already enabled and fully spam free result will be visible on the screen.

GameSkoot – Web 2.0 Video Games Search Engine [tech2all]


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