How To Download Youtube, Google Video In Local Hardware

It’s not actually need to download any files from Youtube video or Google Videos site. But, sometimes it’s important or if you’re going for a offline mode for sometimes or in your village has no internet connection. But, you want to enjoy some fun videos from your Laptop, it’s worthy.

However If you’re interest to download youtube video, just follow the instructions are given below:

  • Enter the url on your browser.
  • When open up the page, you paste the desired video url which one you like to download on your local drive.
  • Select the video sites from drop down menu.
  • Press the “Download” Button.
  • Instantly you will get a download link to save the files on your local drive.
  • Save the files and don’t forget to add .flv extension for the files. Example: myvideo.flv
  • After download completed, you should download FLV Player to run this video on your local pc.

That’s it and hope this will work for you. This site is powerful to download the video and even you can download any videos from  MetaCafe,, Dailymotion, Spike and so on.

[How-to] Download any video from your favorite video website []

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