Powerful Forum Search Engine – Twing.com


Google.com which is one of fastest, great search engine in web world. You can search any information, images, blog info or news, producst, location search through google maps and so on. But, Twing a new search engine which is developed to search only Forum Sites. Thounds of forum site available in web and with different purpose or different topics are avilable.

To search content from Forum Twing which is great search engine. And the engine which is designed for web 2.0 standars. You can search in topics basis or post basis or directly any specific forum basisEasily you can discover a new world with the use of Twing. If you have interest about any programming languages, just search any keywords get your desired information. Twing site till now on beta version but they have some cool features.

  • Advanced Search Results Refinement
  • Search by Posts, Topic or Forum
  • Categorized directory of Forums
  • Search by Forum popular keywords, as a Web 2.0 feature
  • Community Buzz or what’s cooking around the web

For to get all of those features, you should sign-up for free a free account. Enjoy.

Twing – The Forum Search Engine [via tech2all]

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