Share Anything Through Google Reader

Just like as FriendFeed, Google enabled a new option on Google Reader and from anywhere, anytime you can share your favorite websites with your freinds. When you log on your reader page, have a look of the left sidebar and you will get a new option “Notes”. You get a bookmarklet for your browser and for mozilla just drag and drop on your browser’s link bar.  That’s it.


When you surfing websites or like any website or want to share with your friends just click on the “note in reader” link and then you can attach your own comments and posts to your reader and even can share with you readers too. All of your shared notes will be visible in one place and share/unshared option available for you. No comments editing options found.

On the other hand, Google reader enabled thee theme “ice cream, ninjas, sea. Which one your like for your shared items? You can easily select anyone and stay your by default themes.

Share anything. Anytime. Anywhere. [official google reader]
Share and Annotate Web Pages in Google Reader [via google operating]

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