Start Blogging From Flock Browser

Flock browser which is well known browser and has powerful built in blogging tools and from anywhere you can start your blogging without any hassle. If you want to do more funs, try to install Mozilla browser’s plugins on flock. If you don’t have feed reader you can use it’s built in feed system and it’s awesome and within a click you can forward a websites rss feed to your flock feed reader. Much more funs available, try out to explore the flock browser.

Start to posting on blogger, you need to configure your flock browser. Flock browser currently supporting,,, typepad, and self hosted blog sites too.

To configure your browser to work with an existing blog service

  1. Navigate to the blog service that you have an account with.
  2. Log in to your account. Note: If you were already logged in, please log out and then log back in.
  3. If you’ve logged in to a service that Flock supports, your login identity will be added to the list of available Accounts and Services.

Once you have configured your accounts, automatically flock will remember you accounts information. From tools >> open accounts and services option you do everything with most convenient way.

When your accounts are activated or enabled for the browser, you can see your accounts in left sidebar. Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube,, Magnolia accounts you can enabled for your browser.

So, you’re ready to start your blogging through flock. Better to use shortcut key ctrl+shift+b and the built in blog editor will open on your screen. You can make your posts tiles, descriptions, even can add tags. Actually the WYSIWYG enabled for you. So, you know how helpful tools for you. Change colors, fonts size, fonts type, link creating, attaching images, drag and drop options, bold italic, underline and shortcut key also enabled.

After to completing you blog posts, you can checkout the source codes and for finally you can see a preview before posting to your main site. If you have multiple accounts, no matter. You will get the selection option to change default features.

Enjoy Flock Browser and get the real taste of blogging 😉

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