Search A Specific Email From

If you’re the user of it’s easy to search any specific one email from your gmail accounts. On the hands, it’s not easy to get your desired email within a short time and might be you have to search your all mails.

Recently how to find any email with Gmail search a fun tricks published on official gmail blog. When you want to see any of your friends all email messages, just search his/her name on search box and press “search mail“.

But, if you want to get more specific information you show use Googles search operators features and which can help you to get your desired mail. As like as Google Engine, search operators will now work on gmail inbox.

Below some search example are given:

  • A link from my co-worker Michael: from:michael http
  • A photo from my mom: from:mom has:attachment
  • That last chat I had with one of the Gmail product managers: keith is:chat
  • All messages from ebay that aren’t outbid notices: ebay -outbid (the hyphen tells Gmail to return all of the messages that don’t contain the word that follows it)
  • The messages in my inbox sent directly to me that I haven’t read yet: to:me is:unread in:inbox

If you would like more specific, so try subject (subject:) or label (label:) on search box. Or you forget your friends birthday but you wants to get the past email now. So, type to:maya (birthday OR bday) after:2007/4/1 before:2007/5/1. It’s on 19 th

However, you don’t get better result and now you can move to “Show Search Options” features and their you can slect the subjects, from, read/unread mail options and so on.

This updates really makes you more faster then others and better to use operational search and I tired and got specific results from gmail

How to find any email with Gmail search [via official gmail blog]

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