Satellite Imagery For Myanmar [After Nargis Cyclone]

Just recently, Myanmar (Burma) faced a devastating nargis cyclone and on last May ’07, I published a post about to need Support Disaster Relief In Myanmar (Burma) and google enabled a donation page for Burma.

Here some latest information published by Matt Manolides “In the aftermath of the Cyclone Nargis, residents and aid workers are struggling to recover in Myanmar (Burma). Satellite imagery providers DigitalGlobe and GeoEye/CRISP-Singapore have made post-cyclone imagery available and NASA’s MODIS satellite has provided pre- and post-cyclone imagery in order to help disaster relief responders on the ground.

The imagery from these providers is not currently part of Google Earth’s built-in imagery, but is available through this KML layer. It will update automatically as we are able to make more imagery available. ” [via google-latlong]


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Imagery for Myanmar (Burma) [via google-latlong]

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