Case Study About Google Adsense And My Personal Opinion

Yesterday I completed the case study of Google Adsense. I am going to talk with you randomly about Google Adsense and I just tried my best to point out the success behind Google Adsense. So, I’ll add my personal opinion and some points also turn on directly from Case Studies.

In every studies page I found one important short brief about Google Adsense. “Google AdSense is a program enabling online businesses to earn revenue from serving ads precisely targeted to specific web content and search pages. With service levels ranging from online sign-up to dedicated support management, a broad range of sites profit from AdSense. Thousands of Google advertisers also benefit from AdSense by gaining exposure on sites across the Google Network, which includes many of the Top 100 Media Metrix sites such as AOL,, Amazon,, and Lycos. For more information, visit”

What I have read, list are given below:

I completed above 18 companies case studies. I learn lots of new things, tricks, success, keys, ideas and generating incomes from cent to dollar and from dollar to thousands of dollar per month and all things will based on your unique idea and Adsense will make your idea more worthy Globally.

From Case Study and Random Opinions:

  • With the use of Adsense, the best way to earn money online and no matter what’s your business.
  • Search engine optimization which is most important for any websites
  • To get terrific traffic, Adwards it’s awesome service.
  • Contextual ads are most relevant with your websites or web contents.
  • Without Link Unit you will not get online success.
  • Adsense Channel which is important for anybody
  • Ads unit size, colors, placement most important to get more money
  • Site monetizing which is important for anybody and should use customized search engine and it’s easy for Google to indexing your site.
  • Using Google analytics, should track the present staticis of your site. Which keywords searching more, what types of visitor coming here and what types or contents they are looking from your site?
  • Google webmaster will help to get site’s error and indexing stats and it’s awesome to fix the errors or problems.
  • If you involved with Google adsense, which ca help you to monetize your sites.
  • 468×60 banner ads which has great power to generate more income.
  • For forum, should remember the Six Adense Optimization Tips. And a startup forum can generate huge more money.
  • Before the posts 300×250 sized ads can create more income and what you don’t aspect.
  • For sidebar Wide Skyscraper sized 160×600 ads has great value and people always keep clicking and you always keep earning money.
  • Google Adsense generate worthy links for your site visitors and sometimes which can carry better then you.
  • Without investment to start a business it’s just a day-dreams. But, Google Adsense can give you more for to open another one business. It’s free!
  • At the beginning it’s tough to earn money through Adsense but it’s easy when you’re passionate and frequently updating your site, carefully checking your stats, generating maximum search engine optimization, using ads in proper ways.

However, I tracked or pointed out some random ideas. Maybe Adsense working for you. If I missed any important point, please make your comments and share your opinions.

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