Black And Stylish Gmail Redesigned

If you’re FireFox user and also love to use Gmail and nowadays get bored to use gmail. You can change your
gmail style and also you can manage your own style on gmail inbox. When you installed, truly you like the news style of your gmail inbox and it’s attractive too. And if you have attachments files, in every mail this will show you what types of files this mail carrying. It’s awesome.

Simply you have to follow four steps:

  • Just Install firefox, without firefox brower you can’t enjoy a new desin of gmail inbox.
  • Download Firefox Stylish add-ons for css editing.
  • Then Download Gmail Redesigned (by Globex Designs)
  • After that restart your browser and enjoy the new stylish gmail.

As well as, visit and login your accounts and get the taste of new stylish gmail inbox.

Darken Gmail with Gmail Redesigned [via lifehacker] [images courtesy goes to lifehacker]
Gmail Redesigned [via UneasySilence]
New Gmail Skin [via francoiswiid] [images courtesy goes to francoiswiid]

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