Google Health Service Launched

According to the FAQ,”Google Health is a PHR (Personal Health Record), but it is also a bit of a different model. We believe it’s not enough to offer a place where you can store, manage, and share your health information. You need to act on your health information to better manage your health needs on a daily basis. This is why we provide a directory of online health
services to you. You must elect to sign up with a service and decide what level of personal data you want to share in exchange for the customized services those companies offer.”

Google Health wants to become the central place where you organize your health information and share it with people or services you trust. Since this information is very sensitive, Google takes a lot of precautions by using SSL connections and a separate privacy policy that clearly states: “You control who can access your personal health information. By default, you are the only user who can view and edit your information. If you choose to, you can share your information with others.” [googlesystem]

Philip Lenssen, who published a posts “Google Factory Tour: Google Health Launched” where you can get idea abou Google Healths’, security, terms of the services, Google’s promises and personal information inputing and how this will work for you.

Google Factory Tour: Google Health Launched [via blogoscoped]

Google Health Launches

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