Most Powerful & Best Blogging Tools – Scribefire

which is one the greatest, fastest and best blogging tools and help you to fire-up your blogs instantly. If you have a mozilla browser, you can get the taste of Scribefire’s add-ons. Maybe you used some desktop clients for blogging and you’re not satisfied, because has some limitations, trial version and so on features disabled. But if you start to using Scribefire, you will satisfied and I recommended it.

Scribefire which opened some new options/features and it’s free and download scribefire for your mozilla browser. About scribefire’s great tipcs and trick are given below:

Power of F8: You’re doing or reading anything and you need to blog about it and simply mouse over on that topics and click on ‘Blog ThisPage” and then you will get a active link of the articles and attach your own articles with that.

WYSIWYG, HTML View, Preview enabled:
WYSIWYG means What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get. It’s simple and you can work just like as MS Word and want to blog any words, press on “B” and “U”, “I”, “Font”, “Alignment”, “Symbols”, “Bullets” and so on options enabled. On HTML view, you can directly change the contents codes or create some extra effects too. Before publishing the posts, you can get a instant preview of your posts. Simply press on Preview symbol.

scribe_images.jpgImages Uploading: It’s an amazing updates which I aspected and you can now upload any images from your desktop. Whereas some desktop clients which isn’t able to enabled this great options for users. So, when you’re blogging, you can upload your desired photos, locations, size fixing and as much as you want you can upload photos to your blog.

Auto Conflagrations System: I found maximum desktop clinets, where you have to manually fixed the blog’s setup and so on options and also some complex works. But, On scribefire has no problem, simple write your site url and they will trackup your blogs and automatically detect your blogging platforms.

Tags, Categories Enabled: The toughest jobs which is enabled a simple Mozilla Ad-ons and well known ScribeFire Add-ons. Now you can directly attach or add news tags or categories from scribefie and no matter which platform and where you’re blog hosted. it’s free or self hosted, no matter for Scribefire.

Auto Draft, Notes, Editing, Deleting, Time Stamp, Publishing: From one place, you couldn’t never do all things but Scribefire enabled everything. When you’re writing, auto content saving option enabled for your safety and even you can edit your past posts directly from Scribefire. You can directly delete your casted posts. Your published posts also editable and no double posting. scribe_save.jpg

Multiple Blog Accounts Management System: You have two or three or four blogs and in platform(such as blogger, wordpress, drual, movable type), in different purpose you using your four blog sites. Not matter, you can enabled all of your sites and get all the options for each sites. Simply select your desired site from right hand sidebar and start writing and much more funs.

Auto Social Connection: Without social networks you couldn’t get web success. So, scribefire think of it and they enabled some great options for social connections. and technorati auto tagging system enabled. If you need more options, you can use ShareThis social plugins and directly from Scribefire.

Flickr Photos, Youtube Videos, Others Attachments: You maintain or loving photo blogging and video blogging or if you want to attach some flickr photos, directly do that from Scribefire and as well as you can attach Youtube videos too.

Finally, In a word I can tell it’s an great service which is providing by and you can directly read their official blogs, add-ons developments and they also providing some awesome tips for bloggers. Don’t forget to share your Scribefire experiences on comments section.

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